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Alternative Career Paths

Hosted by the Spokane Library & ABCD

May 11, 2023 – 4:30 pm – Live Online Event

Tune in via Zoom to watch the live podcast recording of The Business of Alternative Career Paths featuring experts:

– Mark Norton, Consultant & Thought Leader for Aerospace & Advanced Manufacturing
– Dr. Wade Larson, Workforce Consultant, Author & Speaker
– Doug Edmonson, Director of Career & Technical Education (CTE) at East Valley School District

Between workforce shortages and massive student loan debt, we are finding that the traditional marriage between the workplace and education is not working. Our guests will explain how adapting educational offerings to meet industry needs can directly impact career path choices for those seeking a new career path.

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Meet Our Guest Speakers

Doug Edmonson is currently the Director of Career and Technical Education (CTE) at East Valley SD. 

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Doug spent the last 18 years serving in the Mead School District as a teacher, football, wrestling and track coach, assistant Principal, CTE Director, k-12 Athletic Director, STEM Director and Technology Director. His passion lies in serving others and creating sustainable programs that connect students to future career pathways.

Wade Larson Dr. Wade is a workforce consultant, author, and speaker with 30 years in workforce development, HR, and leadership advancement. 

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Wade helps organizations achieve goals through outcomes, culture, and transformational change.

As an international speaker, author, & professor, Larson helps others achieve their best. He’s helped thousands SHIFT their mindset so they can achieve more and live their best lives. In his role as a workforce consultant, he works to bridge the gap to connect work-ready employees, K12 students, educators, and employers to solve the talent drought.

You’ll appreciate his engaging approach mixed with humor and “tell it like it is” storytelling. His goal is to help you feel the urgency to make change, “get SHIFT done,” and walk away with a to-do list with the first steps to become your best self.

Mark Norton is a consultant and thought leader for aerospace and advanced manufacturing in the Northwest. 

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Mark serves as chair for the Inland Northwest Aerospace Consortium, and is a subject matter expert on advanced manufacturing at both at state and federal level. He is an advocate for alternative career paths for adults in career transition, and actively involved in promoting STEM career exploration in the K-12 education system.

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Spokane Public Library is a community of learning. We aim to inspire a thriving city through cultural and educational opportunities. With 7 Spokane Public Library locations containing millions of items and resources, we can help you become the person you want to be.

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As the founder of ABCD consulting, and a growth strategy consultant, Alex’s role is to serve as your company’s primary care provider: he diagnoses organizations, and helps them find the path to healthier dynamics and growth-oriented models. He sees people, systems, and organizations for their potential rather than focusing on where they are currently stuck.

Throughout his career, he has focused on three distinct areas of expertise: business management, project management, and psychology. Combining these experiences with best practices learning, Alex has designed a unique consulting approach that focuses on vision and execution, organizational psychology and leadership development. 

Alex’s vision for ABCD is to gather a team of subject matter experts with extraordinary skills that will serve leaders and ‘change the game’ of any organization. We never drop knowledge and leave. We walk the path with our clients, to train them and their teams to become execution experts.

Alex’s clients have included top-level decision makers at all types of medium-to-large organizations over the years, and his ability to untangle problems to find a strategic path has been demonstrated across cultures, countries, and a broad variety of organizations. Alex is also part of the Coaching Bureau at Gonzaga’s University’s Leadership Training and Development department.

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