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Growing businesses don’t usually need a full-time senior level HR Professional,  but they definitely need access to one sometimes! HR law can feel like a confusing minefield where unfortunately, ‘common sense’ is not necessarily legally compliant!  This can definitely hurt your business. 

With ABCD HR SOLUTIONS, you can experience the full benefit of a highly qualified HR Team who is intimately familiar with your business, your vision, and your culture! We operate as an extension of you to ensure:

  • Your employees get a great first impression from the hiring and onboarding process!
  • Your managers are coached through the review process – we even provide push notifications to make sure reviews are completed!
  • Your HR is fully compliant and supporting your organization’s growth.

We handle all the daily tasks of HR. Nothing is too big or too small for us, and we do it in a way that will add to team morale, build your managers’ confidence, and increase your peace of mind!

There’s no need to ever worry again about what you don’t know about employment law. 

ABCD HR SOLUTIONS is your partner in all things HR.


One time on-boarding fee  |  Software cost  |  Monthly charge defined by the amount of employees


HR Related Consulting Services

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– Full HR audit to ensure state and federal legal compliance
– Employee handbook creation and review
– Policy creation and review
– Recruiting and hiring process

– Performance management

– Benefits setup and administration
– 401(k) set up and administration

*Legal Disclaimer: abcd’s products and services are intended to provide general liability prevention guidance in the field of human resources, and are not meant to substitute for legal advice. abcd is not a law firm, and no attorney client relationship is established by this or any other communication.

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Carrie Maldonado

Director of HR, Principal consultant.

Alex Barrouk

Director of Consulting,
Principal Consultant

“Carrie started her career as an Organizational Behavior Management project director working with companies across the US and Canada to improve performance using a system of applied behavioral psychology. This led to fifteen years as a senior Human Resources executive in the private sector. Throughout her career, Carrie has provided leadership development, strategic planning, performance management, compensation and incentive plans, employee relations and legal compliance. As a certified coach, Carrie is highly effective working with business owners and managers in developing strategic plans, communication strategies and in generating creative solutions. Carrie has served on several boards, was a faculty member of Chapman University teaching Organizational Behavior and is certified in administering and interpreting DiSC profiles.”

“He was born and raised in Paris, France, and moved to the US in 2008. This allows him a unique perspective of international business that has helped stretch my thinking. Since having the privilege of partnering and getting to know Alex better, I have come to know him as a person that is fanatical about execution. In his 20 + years as a project manager, entrepreneur and a consultant, he has forged a deep understanding of numerous aspects of business. Alex’s whole focus is on growth and leadership through execution. His unique approach has helped numerous companies and professionals reach their full potential and I am excited to watch more great stories unfold as his business partner.”

The 3 things Carrie is best at:

– Building highly cohesive teams
– Developing effective leaders
– Creating action-oriented goals so that crazy, unattainable visions become reality

The 3 things Alex is best at:

– Making stuff happen
– Creating a paradigm shift
– Identifying untapped potential in people & systems

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