Change is something that most business owners struggle with throughout their careers. From properly setting goals to incremental measurement, this FREE guide give you five steps to make sure the change you implement takes you where you want to be.


Stop spinning your wheels trying to find the best way to get the results YOU want in YOUR business.

We’ve spent years studying and implementing these principles to gain the expertise to pass them along to business owners just like you. Our 5 Tips to Implementing Change is a great resource we’re offering 100% free to help you build and better your business!

"I had the pleasure of meeting with Alex to discuss strategy and marketing for my law practice. I instantly appreciated their expertise and knowledgeability, and helpful strategies to move my business forward, and, in particular, affirmations of what I was doing right. Alex and his team were excellent at identifying personalized key issues for me as a business owner, and for my specific field. I 100% felt like I had a team of experts in my corner and that they were invested in my being successful."
Vanessa M.
Owner, Attorney at Law

The Author of Your Free Guide

Alex Barrouk, an experienced business consultant, will be guiding, educating, and facilitating each session of the peer group. Alex brings with him: 

  • Hands-on experience as owner and director of consulting at Aim & Build Consulting & Development (ABCD)
  • Real world solutions from over 10 years of business consulting and coaching 
  • Enthusiasm and peer support from designing and/or facilitated over 100 workshops for:
    • SNAP
    • Live Local
    • Ignite Northwest
    • Terrain, Creative Enterprise
    • Greater Spokane Incorporated / PTAC
    • Misc US and international organizations

About Alex:

As the founder of ABCD consulting, and a growth strategy consultant, Alex’s role is to serve as your company’s primary care provider: he diagnoses organizations, and helps them find the path to healthier dynamics and growth-oriented models. He sees people, systems, and organizations for their potential rather than focusing on where they are currently stuck.
Throughout his career, he has focused on three distinct areas of expertise: business management, project management, and psychology. Combining these
experiences with best practices learning, Alex has designed a unique consulting approach that focuses on vision and execution, while coaching
clients along the way. “We never drop knowledge and leave. We walk the path with our clients, to train them and their teams to become execution experts.”

Alex’s vision for ABCD is to gather a team of subject matter experts with extraordinary skills that will serve leaders and ‘change the game of any organization.

Alex was recently invited to join the Coaching Bureau at Gonzaga’s University’s Leadership Training and Development department.

Support for Alex and ABCD:

"Our company struggled with structure, values and accountability. We now have structure and clear processes. The leadership team was redesigned, some leaders stepped down, and new leaders were discovered."
Josh C.
Lead Dr., CEO
"Get ready for growth!! Alex is an incredible team leader with a fresh dynamic approach. He has a unique ability to understand your vision and translate your goals and values into simple, practical everyday process."
Justin B.
"Alex has helped us rationalize our MO, which created a better and more efficient flow. In turn he also helped us renegotiate our logistics contract and saved an average $160,000/fiscal year."
"I did not know how the work we did together would be more potent than high power counseling, allowing my us to go deep into the issues that were keeping us stuck."
Kelli P.
Dr & Owner
"I now have total confidence on how to motivate, encourage, coach, and teach my staff to be better providers for the office. I felt skilled and confident enough because Alex invested time to coach me"
Team Lead
"Working with Alex was exactly the catalyst we needed to create a cohesive strategic vision for my company. Our vision is succinct, defined and embraced by the entire company. Thanks, Alex!"
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