Values that drive us


Fiercely Inclusive

We believe in and promote models where everyone belongs, at all levels of any organization.


Data Driven, result & growth oriented

Collecting data and intelligence is the foundation to growth-oriented models. (whatever growth means to your organization)


Incubator of talent

Organizations should be intentional about staff development and help them identify their gifts, and grow in their talents.


Collective thinking

Combined talents, second opinions and diverse approaches always deliver better outcomes.


Deliver excellence, be a game changer

We work to help organizations reach outcomes that exceed their expectations.


Be bold

We think big, and help design bold goals that will take clients further than they could imagine.

Meet the team

ALEX BARROUK (he/him/his) Founding director, consultant, business development, vision activator. 

Strategy – planning and execution – business growth and profitability – leadership development and executive coaching – change design and management – culture – stakeholders engagement – communications – workshop design and facilitation.

As the founder of ABCD consulting, and a growth strategy consultant, Alex’s role is to serve as your company’s primary care provider: he diagnoses organizations, and helps them find the path to healthier dynamics and growth-oriented models. He sees people, systems, and organizations for their potential rather than focusing on where they are currently stuck.

Throughout his career, he has focused on three distinct areas of expertise: business management, project management, and psychology. Combining these experiences with best practices learning, Alex has designed a unique consulting approach that focuses on vision and execution, organizational psychology and leadership development.

Alex’s clients have included top-level decision makers at all types of medium-to-large organizations over the years, and his ability to untangle problems to find a strategic path has been demonstrated across cultures, countries, and a broad variety of organizations. Alex is also part of the Coaching Bureau at Gonzaga’s University’s Leadership Training and Development department.

Alex’s vision for ABCD is to gather a team of subject matter experts with extraordinary skills that will serve leaders and ‘change the game’ of any organization. We never drop knowledge and leave. We walk the path with our clients, to train them and their teams to become execution experts.

Our group is continuously growing and evolving. Our areas of expertise include and are not limited to:

  • Data/Market Research & Analysis
  • Strategic Planning & Facilitation
  • Execution & Facilitation
  • Culture, Diversity, Equality & Inclusion, HR
  • Marketing
  • Workshops & Trainings
  • Business Development

Interested in Joining Forces With Peer Consultants?

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How it Works

ABCD runs on a unique and innovative model. Our network comprises subject matter experts in many different fields, each of whom is also a successful entrepreneur. We are able to provide high-quality consultation for a wide-range of corporate needs by leveraging the breadth of our consultants’ expertise; we also collaborate efficiently to maximize each consultant’s potential.

Here’s how it works: ABCD founder Alex Barrouk serves a role similar to a general contractor in the construction industry. Alex understands the overarching goal of a company and brings in the financial consultants, the tax attorneys, the HR advisors, the data analysts, and the M&A consultants to achieve the desired outcome. Critically, none of these professionals work for ABCD. They are successful professionals with their own books of clientele and ABCD contracts them as needed.

If you are an entrepreneur who loves working for yourself but doesn’t love working alone, or you have a business that only works when you are working, becoming a part of this collective could be ideal. We’re looking for people who want to be part of something bigger than what they can do on their own, consultants who are both: subject matter experts and entrepreneurs.

If you’re a BIPOC, LGTBQ+, or women-identifying entrepreneur, there’s room for you. If you want to work project by project to develop your company, there’s room for you. If you’re aligned with our values and want to be part of a network of experts invested in game-changing strategy, there is definitely room for you.

Contact us at the form below and let us know how your vision might include ABCD.

some of our current Clients

Success Stories

Skils’kin spoke to multiple agencies however once we spoke with Alex, we knew that he and his team could provide us with the type of data we were needing. Alex and his associates delivered ahead of schedule, gave a thorough report, and helped us strategically decide next steps for our operation. We will continue to work with Alex as his professionalism, knowledge, and insightfulness are game changers.

Tami – Director of Communication & Governance

The help and insight I was provided as the owner of a small nonprofit was stellar. Alex was insightful, attentive to my needs and concerns, prompt in responding, seemed to have unlimited resources and connections, and was so encouraging in his advice and support. I highly recommend working with him and his team—they are the best in the business!"

Elisabeth – Nonprofit President & Founder

I first learned about Aim & Build Consulting and Development through social media. After reviewing the website, I was impressed with the range of experience and depth of knowledge across team members at ABCD. During my initial consultation, Alex really took the time to understand our organization and provided valuable feedback on how we might build a roadmap for our diverse group of stakeholders. I appreciate the ABCD focus on helping organizations execute their vision and providing the necessary support to achieve results.

Mason – CEO

The protocols ABCD’s team uses are incredibly effective, and even better, they are teaching us to be self-sufficient so that we can continue the great work on our own. I did not know how the work we did together would be more potent than high power counseling, allowing us to go deep into the issues that were keeping us stuck. We have been in practice for over 38 years, but never before have both of us felt 100% confident that what we say we want will transpire. If you feel a bit hopeless that what you want won't happen, my advice is to reach out now.

Kelli P, Dr & Owner

We certainly could not have gotten here without ABCD’s expert guidance. Once Alex and I had a chance to demonstrate exactly where we, as a company, were headed, they all became enthusiastic adopters. We are now into the rollout of the strategic plan to the next layer of management and the excitement from the upper management team is palpable and the adoption is going much smoother. Working with ABCD was exactly the catalyst we needed to create a cohesive strategic vision for my company. Our vision is succinct, defined and embraced by the entire company. Thanks, ABCD!

Melanie, CEO

ABCD has helped us rationalize our MO, which created a better and more efficient flow. In turn he also helped us renegotiate our logistics contract and saved an average $160,000/fiscal year.

Marc, Director

Our company (...) struggled with structure, values and accountability. We now have structure and clear processes. The leadership team was redesigned, some leaders stepped down, and new leaders were discovered. ABCD coached and equipped our leaders with soft skills and leadership to take their departments and the company to the next level. The whole team was redesigned to have the right people in the right seat, technical skills, shared vision and values, and an embodiment of our culture of accountability. The whole team was redesigned to have the right people in the right seat, technical skills, shared vision and values, and an embodiment of our culture of accountability.

Josh, Lead Dr, CEO

Alex has taught me so much about myself, helped me believe in myself, and therefore I have grown as a team lead more (...) than I ever thought I would. I now have total confidence (...) on how to motivate, encourage, coach, and teach my staff to be better providers for the office. I felt skilled and confident enough because Alex invested time to coach me (...) He took me from a timid leader to a leader with confidence. I no longer wonder where my lines in leadership are. Before, I never knew if I could make a decision without consulting someone else.

Kalie, Lead

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