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Our competition is the status quo

Aim & Build Consulting & Development is an ethical management & organizational design consulting firm based in the Pacific Northwest.

ABCD is invested in intentional game-changing. We serve as a guide for organizations that seek an ideal path, walking alongside clients all the way from defining visions and refining goals through the execution of grand plans.


Our fiercely inclusive, data-driven approach to organizational design and corporate strategy gives our clients a competitive edge in a changing business landscape.


A philosophy of deliberate development gives us a fresh perspective: we maximize returns, deliver excellence, and develop internal cultures of success for businesses in several sectors.


The ABCD team comprises subject-matter experts who are also entrepreneurs, which means we can diagnose limiting factors at the macro-business level as well as build subject-specific solutions from the inside out.

What we do

ABCD is an agent of growth and change. We ask foundational questions: What is the cost of the conversations you’re not having? What is the cost of the problems you’re not addressing, or of the knowledge and skills the organization is lacking? The answers might not be comfortable, but real growth never is. 

To that end, we consider an organization’s vision, strategy and execution in a thorough, comprehensive way, identifying and addressing barriers to growth and change, then staying involved in a plan’s execution as transformation occurs. We don’t just leave our clients with a prescription; instead, we’re actively involved in the getting-better process until the finish. 

Yesterday’s business models won’t be valid for much longer. The way leaders define their visions and engage philosophically with contemporary concerns, like culture and inclusivity in the workplace, will determine their organizations’ ability to thrive in today’s world.

We identify what has been holding businesses back, then our team of experts draws a step-by-step roadmap to transform vision into practical reality. Here’s how we do it:

Data/Market research & analysis: Build data-informed strategies.

  • Quantitative and qualitative market and data research
  • Stakeholder in-depth interviews and target audiences or teams engagement surveys 
  • Data and statistical analysis to determine strategic market positioning 
  • Data interpretation to guide strategic and tactical leadership

Strategy, Planning & facilitation: Get an organization on the right track.

  • Crystal clear vision, mission values and goals shared throughout the organization
  • Clear, measurable and actionable roadmaps
  • Expert guidance and facilitation on strategy and operations
  • Merger and acquisition strategy

Implementation & execution: Align the organization for effective deployment.

  • Strategic plans cascaded through organizations
  • Organizational design and alignment
  • Systems and processes generation to ensure adequate execution 
  • Constant feedback and continuous improvement processes
  • Progress monitoring and recalibration
  • Performance measurements over time
  • Leadership development, coaching, and training
  • Team training and operational design
  • Merger and acquisition operational implementation

Culture, diversity, equity & inclusion, HR: inclusive systems, processes, & cultures attract & retain talent.

  • Implementation of DEI as a business model
  • Turning organizations into “incubators of talents”
  • Culture, DEI and HR audits
  • DEI/Culture strategic implementation planning and execution
  • HR systems compliance, efficiency and best practices probing
  • Wellness and “Immunity to Change” methodology workshops

brand dna, marketing, seo & lead generation: find a distinctive voice for the right audience.

  • Defining your organization’s DNA and “Why?” 
  • Distinctive and relevant voice and brand creation
  • Communication of brand strategy for team alignment and adoption
  • Development of brand awareness and amplified effectiveness of online presence
  • Marketing pruning for optimal resource allocation 
  • Leveraging technology to understand specific industry indicators
  • Qualified leads generation through funnel strategy and direct engagement

workshops & trainings: stay competitive with CONTINUOUS professional development.

  • Provide executive, management, leadership, and team management workshops
  • Organizational needs-based training and workshop design
  • Access to a network of subject-matter experts for facilitation
  • Design and lead workshops and training for membership-driven organizations

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