Success is won by visionaries who master execution.
Your organization should be profitable, have a clear strategy and efficient execution plan, develop top leaders committed to growth, deliver high value to customers, and attract and retain top talent.
Since you cannot be a subject matter expert in every discipline, we’ve created ABCD.
Our team of experts will help you overcome your biggest business challenges.

What we do:

We identify what has been holding your business back.
Our team of business experts clarifies your step-by-step roadmap to help deliver your vision and reach your goals.
We identify what has been holding your business back. Our team of business experts clarifies your step-by-step roadmap to help deliver your vision and reach your goals.
Vision 2


• Clarify vision
• Articulate mission
• Identify goals
• Embody values
• Define culture

Plan 2


• Research and apply data
• Formulate strategic plan
• Develop marketing strategy
• Design implementation plan

Performance 2


• Foster leadership/EQ
• Implement organizational alignment
• Establish performance metrics
• Develop HR
• Design operations, systems, & processes

Growth 2


• Measure sales & customer engagement
• Institute innovation & proactive mindset
• Increase revenue
• Optimize profit


How we do it:

Traditional consultants often drop knowledge and leave. ABCD advisors support you until your vision and plan are executed.

Traditional consultants often drop knowledge and leave.
ABCD advisors support you until your vision and plan are executed.

Intake phase: we assess your company, run interviews, and define the diagnosis.

Plan phase: we support CEOs/leadership to deliver the strategy and execution plan.

Implementation phase: we deploy our team of experts to coach leaders and cascade the plan through your organization.

Growth phase: we train your team to focus on execution and continuous improvement.


Who we are:

Each member of our team:

Alex Barrouk

Founder, Principal Consultant

Strategic Planning, Execution, Change Management, Organizational Design, Systems / Processes, Branding / Storytelling

Hi, and welcome to ABCD. I’m Alex, and as a general consultant, my role is to serve as your company’s primary care provider: I diagnose organizations, and I help them find the path to healthier dynamics and growth-oriented models. I see people, systems, and organizations
for what they could be rather than focusing on where they are currently stuck.

Throughout my careers, I’ve focused on three distinct areas of expertise: business management, project management, and clinical psychoanalysis. Combining these experiences with best practices learning and a lot of studying, I have designed a unique consulting approach that focuses on vision and execution, while coaching clients along the way. We never drop knowledge and leave. We walk the path with our clients and train them and their teams to become execution experts.

My vision for ABCD was to gather a team of subject matter experts with extraordinary skills that could serve leaders and ‘change the game’ of any organization. Today, I am proud to work with these amazing individuals that I admire professionally and personally; I learn from them every day.

The three things I am best at:


Principal Consultant

Dan Mahoney is a seasoned executive and CEO with over 30 years of experience in the semiconductor and solid-state storage industries. He led companies such as Hitachi, Mitsubishi Electronics, Renesas, NEC Electronics in important market repositioning strategies and aggressive growth strategies. Since 2019, Dan has been a CEO/Owner Peer Group Chair with CEO Focus in Spokane.

In addition to his executive career, Dan has been serving as an advisory board member for several companies and organizations such as Gonzaga University’s School of Leadership Studies in Spokane, WA.

For five years Dan has been an annually-featured speaker in Gonzaga University’s Emerging Leaders’ Program for high potential mid-career business, government and non-profit leaders. 

Since 2016 he has been an Adjunct Professor in Whitworth University’s Graduate School of Business, is a Member of Whitworth University’s Business advisory Board, and has served as an executive coach. He is a member of the Spokane Angel Alliance. Dan has been actively involved as a participant and leader in Kairos Prison Ministry International, a Christian ministry to the incarcerated that has also been shown to significantly reduce recidivism. 

He is a member of the United States Military Academy Association of Graduates and has completed the Harvard Law School Program on Negotiation and the University of Chicago’s Finance for Executives Course. He served as an officer in the U.S. Army and Washington National Guard for a total of eight years.

The three things Daniel is best at:

– Organizational alignment & goals achievement strategy.
– Leadership development & executive coaching.
– Design thinking to address adaptive challenges to the organization.


Principal Consultant

Will serves as founder and president of Critical Data, Inc. – a thirty three year old specialized marketing, business development, change management, and strategic market research firm headquartered in Spokane, Washington. 

His clients include Fortune 100 firms such as General Motors and Proctor and Gamble, regional and local companies, and non-profit organizations. Critical Data has developed a national reputation for innovatively solving problems for clients and implementing growth.  In 1996, Will was featured on the front cover of INC Magazine as an innovator who significantly impacts companies and helps them to grow.  

He is a frequent keynote speaker for corporations across the U.S. and has been featured and quoted in national publications and periodicals. Will is a popular lecturer and guest instructor at colleges and universities, as well as a consultant to multinational firms. 

Will also serves on numerous boards for civic and non-profit organizations and teaches business and organizational development classes at North Idaho College’s Workforce Training Center. 

The three things Will is best at:

– Obtaining in-depth qualitative findings through innovative market research.
– Developing innovative marketing and growth solutions.
– Communicating and implementing tangible change initiatives.

Case Studies

Client: Fast-growing medical office

Define and implement the strategic vision/culture and processes to support and sustain the practice’s growth

Our work contributed to a 25% increase in operating income

Client: Multi-State power distribution company

Improve the efficiency of the temporary power installation crews

Increased jobs completed per installer pair by 25%, decreased worksite accidents by 87%, and developed workflow processes that enabled a centralized dispatch system, reducing costs by over $125,000 annually

Client: Menswear Retail Chain

Increase profitability of transactions

Increased units per transaction by 47%, and increased bottom line profitability by 15%.

Client: US leader in high-end construction material

Audit logistics, find areas to increase profitability

Through disciplined auditing, negotiation and internal systems, reduced overhead expenses resulting in a savings of $160,000/fiscal year

Client: 40+ year-old national skin care company

Turn-around five years of steadily declining sales

At the end of year one, the company earned its first profit in seven years. Since that time the company has earned steady and impressive growth and market share.

Client: Regional furniture retailer

Address stagnant gross sales combined with steadily increasing advertising expenditures

Reduced all marketing costs overall by 44% while boosting sales 36% within first year of plan implementation

Success Stories

Success Stories

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